plowing, planting, growing

What a busy time it has been since we’ve arrived! Its been an little bit over a month now, and so much has happened. The first challenge I faced coming here was not knowing the West Virginia University campus or the students. There were 3 WVU students that had come and attended the School of New Evangelization in St. Paul, MN at the beginning of August, and it was wonderful to meet them. Because SNE was so jam-packed though, I didn’t have a large amount of time to get to know them well. Another challenge facing me was that there wasn’t much knowledge about who or what Saint Paul’s Outreach is here. From the beginning we have worked hard getting to know the students through a variety of SPO events, Newman Center events, and simply just hanging out. Here’s a brief look at some things we’ve done so far…

 SPO Household Pot-Luck!


This was a great opportunity to have students come to the SPO Women’s House, eat some good food, joke a bit, play some games, and enjoy each-other’s company.

Labor Day at Cheat Lake

Image   Image   Image

What a blast! A few of the students headed it up and invited us along for the day. We all pitched in to rent a pontoon boat and spent the afternoon on the lake swimming, tubing, and relaxing.

Women’s Nights



This was at one of the Women’s Nights we have had. Along with a talk on the Dignity and Beauty of being a Woman, we ate brownies, painted, chatted, laughed, and had a lovely time.

Newman Center Coffeehouse




Last night, the Newman Center hosted a Coffeehouse. We all grabbed some coffee, sat around and enjoyed the variety of talents displayed. There were original songs, spoken word, sing-a-long, cover songs, and an abundance of joy.

Tonight, we are having our Opening of the Lord’s Day Celebration, so I’ve got to head back into the kitchen and finish making the braided Challah bread! May God bless you this weekend!


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