a simple reflection

On Monday, the reading from the Gospel told of Jesus’ invitation to Simon, Andrew, James, and John – “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Each made their decision to leave behind whatever it was they were doing without any long deliberations or evaluations. This was such a good reminder to me of the simplicity of our ‘yes’ to Jesus. It is so easy to complicate our response to his invitation, to find reasons to delay. Why are we so afraid, what holds us back?


The meditation of that day focused on discipline and discipleship. These few lines really stuck out to me:

Mature Christian freedom… is my total availability and obedience to the will of the all-wise God. At the center of our being we must remain poor and free and available to God, rather than barricade ourselves through habit to the approaches of God’s ever-surprising grace.” – Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis

Please pray that as I begin my work with the students of West Virginia University that I may continue to be available to do all things the Lord asks of me, both the large and small!


One thought on “a simple reflection

  1. biblelister says:

    Lovely writing! I so enjoy hearing about what you are up to.

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