a ‘golden’ year

God is so good! On Feb. 26, I was blessed to celebrate my birthday – and this year it happens to be my “golden birthday,” (because my birthday is on the 26th, and I have turned 26.) I had never heard of the term until earlier this year, but I rather enjoy the silliness of it… and shoot, why not? Haha. So, I am looking forward to the adventures that the Lord will take me on and the ways I will continue to grow during this ‘golden’ year!

fondue factory

Celebrating with chocolate and great company!

Gosh! There’s been quite a lot happening lately! The Lord has blessed us so generously this semester with such a great response from the students, and we are really seeing some awesome fruits of our labor. The Sunday Spaghetti Dinner that we host after the 6:30pm Mass is continuing to bring new students into the Newman Center. Through meeting them and talking over dinner, we can establish enough familiarity to invite them to any of the various other events happening. I have gotten to know several wonderful young women who now come to our Women’s Nights on a regular basis! They also get to know one another and discover some neat things – last week a few students found out they live in the same dorm, and an undergrad met a grad student in the same degree field and can get help in a difficult class. It may only seem like small things, but isn’t it those commonalities that make us feel that we’re not alone, that we can relate to others, that we belong? What a great privilege it is to provide the setting for this SPO community to be built.

The women’s nights have been such a blast lately – we’ve tried to be really creative in setting up the evenings. This last one, we discussed ‘choosing joy’ as Christians because of the hope we have in Christ. And then we got to share in “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross.



ah, the joy of painting! 


the finished masterpieces

Now, our focus turns to recruiting students to attend The School of the New Evangelization (SNE). Even though the conference isn’t till August, we are already signing them up and beginning our fundraising to send them all the way to St. Paul, MN! Please pray for us in this area – that through new sponsors, the Lord will provide the funds necessary for each student! SNE is vitally important for helping the students understand and catch the vision of the culture SPO is trying to create. Please click on THIS LINK to check out an awesome video that shows more about SNE!



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