Advent is upon us! This has been a liturgical season that’s always been challenging for me to enter spiritually, and I’m not sure why. So, I’m approaching this Advent with hope of growing deeper in my understanding and experience. I recently came across a wonderful list of scriptures to go through each day of Advent, so each week I’ll post them, if you’d like to join me!

Dec. 1 – John 1:1-5

Dec. 2 – Isaiah 9:2-7

Dec. 3 – Isaiah 11:1-10

Dec. 4 – Jeremiah 33:14-16

Dec. 5 – Luke 1:5-10

Dec. 6 – Luke 1:11-17

Dec. 7 – Luke 1:18-25

I also was thinking, and it seems curious that it’s not the norm to focus on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving – similar to what we do for Lent. In order to help me live these next 24 days as a time that is very special to us, I will be increasing my attention to these 3 areas. For prayer – I will go through the above scriptures using Lectio Divina. For fasting – I will give up eating out. For almsgiving – I will use the money I would have spent eating out, and help those in need have a better Christmas.

God bless you all this Advent Season!


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